PLASMA CAM 4×4 Standard Grid Grates CNC Plasma Cutter



PLASMA CAM 4×4 Standard Grid Grates

X and Y Slats CNC Plasma Cutter File


Original DHC and DHC2 Plasma Cam CNC Machine Grates Design

Cut your own slats and save a bundle of Cash!


Save some money and cut out your own slats. Spend a fraction of the cost instead of purchasing them from the manufacture. You can save well over $135.00 every time you cut out a set.

Steel Sheet costs around $110 for a 48″x 120″ (4’ x 10’) sheet of 14 gauge.

Cost per grate is around $6.87 each.

Plasma cam price $199 + $45.00 s/h that is $15.25 each

Huge Savings of $134.00.

This is less than half as much as a grate set direct from Plasma Cam and no shipping required.

Original Plasma CAM grid layout (points 144 / side or 288 total)

If interested I do have other designs with a larger number of grid points per side. (Use the contact form for pricing/details)

Save yourself time and money.

The file you will receive is in .pcm format inside a zip file.

If you need these designed for a different machine please use the contact us form for details and pricing.
Cut a few test pieces to adjust slots and offsets to verify fit before cutting out the slats. 

It should take you around 45 minutes to cut out a complete set of 16 grid slats.

Why pay for them when you an make them.

 The difference between cutting out your own vs buying them from Plasma Cam is that theirs are laser cut. We have been making ours for a few years now and decided to offer our file to other Plasma Cam users.

This file will pay for itself in the first use. 


Once purchase has been completed you will be granted access to the file for download.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.


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